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Every one of us acted like "trolls" at some point. I have never once deliberately posted something that was wrong, but I still post stuff that is wrong. I try very hard to correct it the instant I realize it. The path to the truth is not even "straight and narrow" it is totally overgrown with a jungle of lies.
Thanks for being willing to grow, and to help fight for the quest for truth. And pardon me if I am a little touchy about this. I have had to retract 3 recent posts after trusted "alternative" sources failed to do due diligence. That was why I trusted them, I thought they did the research. I have a lot of free time for a few more weeks, but I have a full time job that will kick in seriously pretty soon. Then I won't have time to dig at all, and I will be the mercy of two untrustworthy medias. I sincerely hope there will be a hearty band of truthers keeping the dailypaul a place where the suspicious eye looks back at the all-seeing one.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.