Comment: I'm so sad to learn of this,

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I'm so sad to learn of this,

I'm so sad to learn of this, but I am glad you posted and will continue to check in here. Thank you for sharing the details. I completely agree with your suspicions and skepticism about the way things played out with his medical people. What you describe MUST be rampant with oncology because the efficacy rate of chemo and radiation is so incredibly can any oncologist recommend any of these treatments when they already know that only 5% live more than 5 years? In their world and viewpoint it is enough to prolong life by a couple years, a few months, or even mere weeks....yes, they will put patients through painful and debilitating treatments to extend life for only a short time. If they do otherwise they are sabotaging their profession. By the time they have gotten to where they are they are thoroughly indoctrinated with the chemo koolaide. The other doctors just take it for granted that these interventions are worthwhile.

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer about a year ago. They found a polyp about 2mm during a colonoscopy. They scheduled him immediately for colon resection. I advised him not to get the surgery for several reasons. First of all, they could not provide any data/statistics on the survival rate for patients w/ his condition who opted to do nothing or use an alternative treatment. They could only cite statistics among those who got the how can you compare? Secondly, a resection is pretty radical and if for some reason my dad ended up with a colostomy...I think that would be the end of him anyway...because I don't think he would cope well with that. This whole time the medical people have acted with such authority, and the whole thing has been treated as a very regimented program...and they were quite shocked to see my dad opt out. He seems to be doing really well now and is still showing no signs of illness. He's been doing alternative treatments and feels that he may have reversed things, but has no way of knowing as they won't give him another colonoscopy.

I don't think many people question the oncologists and cancer industry when they are faced with this illness because they trust these 'respected' professionals to know what they are doing and have been having success or these 'experts' wouldn't be where they are. To me it is smoke and mirrors...maybe the experts are where they are because they went along with the program despite poor recovery statistics. To me that makes them a sanitized form of Auschwitz. It is a disgrace that for all the billions of dollars and all the stupid pink ribbons, they have made absolutely no progress against cancer after all these years. Yet, they are so unwilling to examine or implement other promising alternatives. It is really despicable and I am so sorry your family went through such a tragedy. There just has to be a better way.