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Comment: Well, I can tell you how NOT to do it

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Well, I can tell you how NOT to do it

I went from person to person, trying to get them to watch "Zeitgeist" - the movie that put things together for me. No one wanted to hear it, they all reassured each other that I was nuts and the damage remains to this day.
I have managed to stop running people off, by waiting to see where their "disbelief" might lead.
For 9-11, I focus on 9-12. There is no arguing that the evidence of a major crime scene was destroyed before the investigation.
With Sandy Hook I am zeroing in on the things on the police scanner - who was apprehended on the west side of the school? In the woods? Who was in the police car? But I don't bring up anything until they pose some question. Any question, then I give them a harder question to ponder.
You are literally dealing with victims of mass mind control, if you dig into the history of TV and advertising, you will find I am not speaking in hyperbole. Something in them has to be looking for answers already, and then you have to treat that burgeoning curiosity with care.
It is a little lonely, you will find yourself smiling and nodding at things that make you want to scream, just to grab lunch at a local cafe. You really cannot demand Bush be arrested for treason in "small town Idaho" cafes. But at least you can demand Obama be tried for treason - you learn to agree where you can and bite your tongue when you will do more harm than good.
Thowwy, got to go. My tongue ith bweeding.

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