Comment: IMO that was not a lie

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IMO that was not a lie

You didn't know, so it was not a lie, but a wrong assumption. A lie is when you purposely mislead and that was not your intent (I assume, and hope correctly).

Personally, I believe conspiracy theory is a BIG part of the Liberty Movement, which the rEVOltuion is part. The rEVOLution is in the GOP, where I find, many of us have absorbed conspiracy theory, but being on the front line in the GOP, have no time or space to debate. So we debate it here.

I also find, many people do not want to wake up. They just want to live their lives and hope for the best. Blaming conspiracy posts makes them feel they can "save face" for not actually being interested in DP.I alos think the freedom to post ideas about conspiracy theory attracts people seeking "Truth" outside Church.

I think of DP like a candy store.. where not everyone likes black licorice (AKA conspiracy theory), but the people who do, really really like black licorice.. there's plenty of other candy if black licorice is not to one's taste.