Comment: The Question is ...

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The Question is ...

... what is THIS website about?

It is called the Daily Paul. Does that mean it is about ONLY Ron Paul?

If it is, then it is just a cult of personality, and nothing of substance will ever happen, unless Ron Paul himself does it.

But if this website is about IDEAS that lead one to support Ron Paul, then that is a different matter.

By definition, any person who supports Ron Paul in any way is a person who does not necessarily accept the mainstream view of something.

Mainstreamers take what they are told at face value and do not question. (This includes most "journalists.") Other people, however, do question.

And this is how so-called "conspiracy theories" are born. Some people -- and ONLY some people -- question what the Mainstreamers say.

We all know that conspiracies exist. If any person believes conspiracies really never happen, then such a person should be advocating for eliminating laws about Conspiracy to Commit Murder, RICO statutes, etc. Such a person should also be advocating for eliminating insider trading rules for Wall Street, and they should accept that OPEC and oil companies never try to fix prices.

Conspiracies exist because humans often try to gain an advantage through immoral means. Anyone who disagrees with that is a fool.

Now, that does not mean that EVERY theory that questions the Mainsteamers is true. Many are insane. But that does not mean that ALL such theories are false.

If a website such as the Daily Paul does not bring together people who question the Mainstreamers, then what is its purpose? To ONLY advocate for Ron Paul? Might as well be a cult, then.

Ultimately, it is up to the website's owner to make that call.

Everyone else can go pound sand.