Comment: Perhaps a Different Approach, Become a Federal Nuisance

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Perhaps a Different Approach, Become a Federal Nuisance

We all know Washington, DC is a bureaucratic paper mill. If it wasn't for the voluminous amounts of federal documents that Americans have to deal with, much of the various agencies work would be unnecessary. So, let's give them some extra paperwork to process.

Why not file for a federal tax extension on form 4868 (see: )?

It is a simple one page form to fill out and there is no requirement to provide an explanation as to why you are requesting an extension. A taxpayer has until October of the tax year to file their actual tax return. Although the actual tax owed is due by April 15 (for personal returns), the paperwork can be delayed.

If you delay paying the tax owed they will assess a monetary penalty. But the feds won't get their 'pound of flesh' by April 15. This would put a squeeze on the treasury's cash flow.

So what does this accomplish? Instead of the IRS getting form 1040X by April 15, they get it six months later. That screws up their labor planning.

Another option is to pay a couple of dollars more than you owe the feds. They will have to send you a small refund, which means more paperwork for them.

Tie them up with the very thing they exist for: processing paperwork.