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Comment: "International" Job by global elites?

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"International" Job by global elites?

Un huh...they are "global elites" no doubt...but ones with American citizenships like the neocons over there there at Project for a New American Century (of Perpetual War)...who called for IN WRITING...for a "new Pearl Harbor.

You are splitting hairs on semantics "international" and "inside". There may have been some people from other countries, (countries that I won't name names ISRAEL), but that in no way makes it an "international job."

An "international" could not order NORAD to stand down.

An "international" could not scramble American fighter jets out to the Atlantic, instead of towards the Pentagon.

An "international" would not have been able to lower the defenses of the most heavily guarded and protected building and airspace in the world.

An "international" could not get inside the twin towers and WTC7 to intricately plant thermite cutter charges so as to bring about complete destruction of the buildings and their contents into their own footprints.

An "international" could not possibly convince the Americans in the Bush Administration (including George Bush himself) to RESIST and OPPOSE an official investigation of the worst mass murder and crime scene on American soil...for astounding 411 days after 9-11.

An "international" could not conduct four increasingly fraudulent "investigations" (in this order) by first the American Society of Civil Engineers, FEMA, the 9-11 Commission, and finally NIST.

There be inside help. To ignore that is to ignore the mountains of evidence pointing toward it.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.