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OK.... Links?

I still have not seen proof that the car is Rodia's - did someone finally provide it? And understand this is part of being a truther, too. Even when you THINK you know, sometimes it turns out that you got hooked into "belief" again.
Next, it is not "that guy" it is 2 men on video running behind the school that the scanner indicates were apprehended, both of them. Then there are TWO guys running in the woods, and they only appear to apprehend one of them. There are at least 3, maybe 4 other men who were apprehended.
But you've got the start, learn the truth about a few topics really well, so you know how to answer any questions that may come up. My "rule of thumb" is to give anything a 5% chance of begin right, unless I KNOW it to be wrong. It does not harm me at all to read "crazy" theories, and more often than not, they lead me to at least a new understanding, if not a new truth.

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