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Best of luck to your dad.

Dean opted against chemo twice because the statistics were not favorable. I wish he hadn't done the radiation either, but who knows, maybe he wouldn't have made it to 53 without it......or maybe without it, he would have been strong enough to fight the cancer using alternative methods?????? I do know that the radiation, which he had twice, resulted in the loss of his jaw. We were lead to believe that without it, the cancer would spread. Well, it did anyway. And as a result, his jaw became so brittle that it fractured and he had to have the left side of his jaw removed. What teeth he had left, didn't align and were filled with holes anyway. Needless to say, his diet was limited. I'd make soups, mostly cancer fighting vegetables, and put them through the blender. He'd have fruit smoothies and juices, but he lost weight and was weakened. As the weight came off, he'd have ice cream shakes to put it back on, ignorant of the fact that the sugar is not good for cancer. Maybe all the radiation caused the cancer to spread. It IS a disgrace. All the money and for all those years and still nothing......meanwhile look at the advances we've made in technology.
Lots of health and happiness to you and your family...esp. Dad!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012