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Comment: Gently

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Some practices that work for me include these:

Be gentle but firm, and always speak in tentative, not definitive terms. Present your case in the form of questions, not answers, thus inviting your “student” to think it through.

Always keep in mind that opening eyes amounts to shattering a person's world view.

When educating “truth”, keep in mind how you felt when the penny first dropped for you that the world is not as you thought it was. Allow people time and space to come to terms with that before overloading them with information.

I find it helps to start by educating on how a "conspiracy" was exploited, and work backwards from there.

Most people can readily see the exploitation. They need gentle nudging to take the next step in the journey of enlightenment – that is, open their minds to the possibility that the incident being exploited may not have transpired by pure coincidence.

I also find that persuading people to abandon their support for coincidence theories first requires them to understand the corporate media and the brainwashing techniques it uses. People are indoctrinated to trust the media to tell them what’s important and while most people distrust the media to some degree, they still allow themselves to be deceived by it.

As long as they believe some of what the media is telling them, they will hold onto their false world-view. Intelligent people don’t like to admit to themselves that they have been duped by the media. Give them some time and space to absorb that before moving on with the educating process.