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:) Go listen again.

And don't feel badly, this one got me, too. And it STILL is uncertain. The possible explanation definitely "holds water" though. There are TWO things going on. You can hear one office call in for a traffic stop. Then there is a bunch of garble and other stuff. Then the same voice that said "traffic stop" runs the Rodia info. Meanwhile, the Sandy Hook traffic says something about a "suspect" - but these really sound like two separate events going on.
With Rodia being such a fine, upstanding citizen, you hate to see his name unjustly tied to this... But even if he is a scumbag, if he did not have anything to do with Sandy Hook, then I want to know.
I can't give you the time, but within the first 20 minutes this comes over the scanner:
Newtown's reporting one suspect down the building a has ...(now or not?) been cleared
we need a couple more cars up on the scene
... 5 in the air? Does he have patrol information? (garble) Go to channel 8
... to 91 in the Liberty Way parking lot they reported no injuries but possible side airbag deployed
garble headquarters
...motor vehicle stop when you're ready
... 4 9 6...
751g2 can you take me off the HIS and put me on the number
Be advised, be advised, we could have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotgun

Find that part, and listen to the voice that says "Motor vehicle stop when you're ready." Then go listen to the "Rodia" voice. Reasonable doubt?

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