Comment: Facts are more powerful

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Facts are more powerful

The victims being targeted are more powerful when they are armed with facts.

Fiction is more powerful for the criminals.

When the criminals take over government there are facts that aught to clue in the targeted victims as such:

Defensive POWER is not that hard to understand, factually.

Trial by Jury worked.

The Swiss Model and the model provided by Holland at the time of The Declaration of Independence worked.

If anyone ever offers you an easy way out of self government, such as the often repeated lie of involuntary taxes being necessary, or the common extortion phrase known as "protection money", and then those who are collecting protection money demand all forms of individual self defense, confiscated, to "protect" the disarmed from some nebulous phantom, well: those victims will be the next on the slaughter list.

Good luck with that, as that road is well traveled.