Comment: To me being a truther goes a

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To me being a truther goes a

To me being a truther goes a little beyond questioning things you're not supposed to question... there's one or two things you don't just question, but you *know* with every fiber of your being you are being lied to about. If you dig deep enough into just about anything, you'll find that something that makes you go 'oh my God, I've been lied to'. When that happens you'll never be able to see the world the same ever again. People pick up on that absolute confidence of *knowing*, and it shakes them up a little. Makes them listen, or at least wonder.

I was 'lucky' with 9-11. As an airline industry insider the truth came to me, I knew from day one something was profoundly wrong. I rarely speak of it though. I very much admire you 'outsiders' who were smart enough to figure it out on your own; I'm not sure I would have. I also admire the courage of the outspoken among you; I am not so brave.