Comment: we all know the politians don't work for us

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we all know the politians don't work for us

could it be the same of the medical folks?

In short we have been schooled that germs and viruses come from the outside and "infect" us. Could it be that our body cells produce them to clean up the body? We panic and seek the help of doctors and even though they are billed as the best of the best we still lose our life.

I agree with you Susan that cancer is everywhere and younger and younger are affected. I have lost 2 sisters in law and many others to it and other modern day maladies like diabetes, ALS. And many endure everyday diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility, etc. Hint: they are not what we have been told.

In memory of Dean and all the others. There is another story few know about. There are too few servants (RP is one) and there is a few in the medical world and please read the above article.

Like our economy it is best to make the changes to our health before there is a crisis.