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Comment: What I would do

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What I would do

If I were in your position I would buy land as others suggested.
Slightly away from civilization, near a small town. I would rent a small apartment near work if needed.

I would invest in metal working tools, and set up a small shop, off grid power and water if possible.

I would pay off the land as fast as possible. Doubling the principal payment each month will avoid much of the interest, and pay it off in half the time. I would invest in old silver coins also, being the most easily tradable if things go busto.

Also, metal working skills can be traded for goods and services.

At the least, assuming everything continues ticking along, when you retire; you will have a place to live cheaply. If you have enough silver and gold, you can use those as your retirement. Don’t think about how much money you can make in your lifetime, but how secure you can personally make your future.
If you can retire and live comfortably off less than a million dollars, there is little reason to accumulate more.

Recently, a friend closed his 401K, taking huge losses, of course, paid off his house, and got debt free. He was called “anti-American” by one person and I realized he was on to something. His behavior is very American, from LONG ago. He is still a young man, and his future is secure. :)

Just my perspective. Good Luck in the Future. :)

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