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Thats what I said...

His theory was focused on TV since it was the most common form of entrainment... It doesn't relate here since the internet is a completely different form of medium. People come up with these theories all the time most most research actually suggests internet and video games improve our brains

"A study by Dr. Code found no differences between frequent and infrequent internet users for their processing skills. “But there was a difference in both planning and attention,” Stevens says. “Specifically, frequent Internet users did better on the tests for both planning and attention than infrequent internet users.” A possible explanation is that “using the internet actually stimulates your mind

"A pair of neuroscience researchers performed brain scans of people while they did text searches on Google. “For those with internet experience, using Google to search actually produced higher levels of activation in the parts of the brain associated with complex reasoning and decision-making,” Greg Stevens

Video Games on the brain: