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I will have to look into stirling engines.

I have never thought of heat energy as vibration. I have always thought of it as an increase in the size of the orbits. in the atoms of the substances involved. I am not sure where I got that from and will not defend it.
it would not surprise me one bit to find out that in fact we do not really know what it is.
currently I am surprised at how the media is falling all over itself to convince us that we have found the higgs-boson.
I do appreciate you clarifying ectropy.
I have another friend from the DP who has a working water torch. (browns gas or HHO) it has some very remarkable properties. I have since learned that plasma is now the 4th state of matter. it was when I looked up the definition of what this new state of matter is...then it hit me. an ordinary flame is a form of plasma.
electronic flame rectification circuits work on the principle that a flame is able to conduct DC current.
if the sun really is made of plasma, then plasma can create both gravity and magnetism.
good talking with you.