Comment: Actually, I think your premise is slightly off...

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Actually, I think your premise is slightly off...

...I've thought about what you are saying also, and here's my read on it:

Hell is not a place that God created to punish unbelievers; it is a state of eternal separation from God that we can choose willingly. God respects our liberty enough to allow us to separate ourselves from Him, even though it's not good for us.

One analogy is that we respect the right of drug abusers to create their own personal hell by abusing drugs.

I often think of the officially "Godless" countries such as the old USSR, China, etc, and note the human rights abuses and total lack of liberty that seem to be correlated with officially atheistic regimes. Places that exclude God seem to become hellholes.

Seems that even if you don't believe in God, the result of everyone following the 10 Commandments is a good thing for Liberty.

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