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Agree 100% with everything you wrote.

I just don't want to be posting a reversal of a reversal of a news story if it's not true. Did that make sense?
When searching for the air date of this clip I happened on an AR-15 website and this same story was posted as if there was no assault rifle, and then there was one, and now there isn't one---like this post is suggesting. The other members on that site were chastising the poster for not doing due diligence on the air date, and the poster apologized profusely. We have to be careful not to post what isn't there. I also looked through the news's videos and couldn't find this, which let me to believe it was one of the older ones.
And yes, this whole reporting doesn't wash. I know a little something about guns---am in no way an expert--- but if I looked at shell casings (hundreds?) on the school floor I would know if they were from an AR-15 vs a handgun. It's even more obvious if you pick one up and read it!
So...where are we?