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God's not fallible you say,

God's not fallible you say, but does it not bug you that your God can't be as consistent in his principles as Ron Paul has been? Do you actually DESERVE to to DIE if you won't GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY? Or is that just ONE MAN'S (OR GOD'S) Opinion? The argument here is that with the threat of a real, physical hell hanging over our heads this makes your God a tyrant, no more moral or righteous than an IRS agent. Irrespective of his demands. He can shove his immoral and evil demands.

How can something be principle wrong when we do it, and yet right, when God does it? Especially when you consider this is the very REASON most of us were so drawn to Ron Paul. Ron Paul walked the walk, even though it was often difficult and slow. He took the intellectually honest way, not the way of trickery or certainly authoritarianism. I still believe in A CREATOR, I always will, just not this intellectually dishonest brute I see depicted by most faiths today.

If this is your God, then I say your God is an immoral and evil tyrant. And there's no greater pleasure I could enjoy than to see him stopped at all costs. I sincerely hope your God does not exist, because if it does then everything we fight for on this website will lost forever and humanity forever damned. He's no better than a common criminal or gangster who says he'll keep his boys from beating me up and taking my money, as long as I WILLFULLY send them $1000 every week. To make matters worse, him and his people, turn this around into such a way as to suggest that anyone who does not agree with him is going into eternal punishment. In a sense, the God you believe in is the great Satan. The great evil. The great tyrant.

Destroy him, and peace may be possible.

The key to all of this is that it applies to your idea of God, not everyone's. If it's even that. But I try to make logical connections between what we profess is so moral and righteous in a political sense and then apply it to our belief in God. Should they really be so different?

Why on Earth would you worship a mad man such as the God you describe? Do you not know what this makes you? It makes every bit as complicit as an IRS agent, if not more so. It's not just you, this goes for a lot of faiths. It reminds me of when John Haggee talked of God setting up his "kingdom in Jerusalem" and that he'd rule with an IRON FIST and anyone that did not bow down to him he'd make his foot stool and destroy! This goes against everything that I believe in. As well as much of what this entire movement stands for. I don't know how you square all of this away.