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One must remember, this book

One must remember, this book is a translation. "Eternal" life spoken of in the Bible may not be, due to translation, what we think of as "eternal life".

"Eternal" in the New testament is translated from the Greek word "Aionios" and its primary definition is: "without beginning and end, that which always has been and always will be"

I think we all have a BEGINNING in life...

That which has always been and will always be...hmmmm. I wonder if it might actually be talking about life on Earth, not the life of the individual?

In Mark 25:46 we read: "And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal"

Sounds like heaven and hell doesn't it?

But if we read the entire chapter we find that Mark is talking about the righteous and the unrighteous: those who take care of their "neighbor" out of free will giving, and the unrighteous are those who do not.

In the day this was written there was then a system of socialism set up in Judah just as the system we have now. Forced "tithing" (taxes), social programs to take care of the old, the programs to take care of the needy. But that system was through FORCED contributions, just as now. And that system enslaves the people.

And that type of system always rears its head when the people are not "righteous", when they do not VOLUNTARILY love their neighbor, when they do not voluntarily support (honor) their aging parents. And this type of system is ancient, forms of it can be found as far back as we can see. And when the people do not take care of the needy of society, when they become unrighteous, there are always those near who will promise these requirements to the society, and they gain great power over the society when they provide, when THEY become the Father of the people. It could almost be said that this type of system is eternal, "that which always has been and always will be". The House of Judah, the House of the United States, the House of Russia...these houses all oppress the society in the name of the "General Welfare" of those kingdoms.

When the people are righteous, taking care VOLUNTARILY of the needy of society, there is no need for socialism, strong rulers who take from one for the benefit of another, thereby enslaving the entire society. The House of God rules over this society, God provides for the General Welfare in his kingdom.

And this is the way life has "always has been and always will be". It is eternal life. It's all about which Government (house) you live in.

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