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Comment: Reminded me of Keynesian Economics

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Reminded me of Keynesian Economics

Even when their theories have failed on every level they cling to the nothing they are left with.

Anthropologists like economists spend a lifetime developing a theory that is patently in error have two choices. The can deny their errors or repudiate their life's work. Bernanke and Krugman haven't the courage to admit their error.

Miss Morgan's arguments are thought provoking. I took my daughter for a swim in the St. Joseph River when she was 1 1/2 yo. The river was shallow but I had a beach ball in one arm and my little girl in the other so I could keep my feet off the bottom where the bloodsuckers lived. The beach ball escaped, we both went under. I stood up and my daughter was totally unconcerned and unafraid. Although I was concerned about the bloodsuckers.

Thanks for posting truxtonc.

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