Comment: Yes, you would have.

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Yes, you would have.

He was funny and certainly unique. He brought music into everyone's lives. He made cds for the nurses at the hospital and always bought extra tickets for his friends and nephews. Even after he was diagnosed in June, he bought six tickets to see the Skatalites on a concert cruise. He wasn't well, but we went and I was glad we did. He was passionate about RP, 9/11 Truth and We are Change. He woke up after one of his surgeries with tubes coming out of his neck and nostrils, barely able to speak, but still carrying on about 9/11 with the recovery nurse. He'd said that he wanted a white casket with RP rEVOLution painted on. He was probably joking, but as a tribute to him and his passions, we put together a basket of stickers and his family and friends each put a a RP, music, or political sticker on his casket. It was Standing Room Only at his service with well over two-hundred people in attendance......He wasn't perfect as he did have some serious issues (we all have them), but he was special. I bet you would have, too!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012