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Comment: Give up?

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Give up?

I'm not saying "give up". I'm saying you're wearing a contaminated tin foil hat that will not deliver you truth or justice. Controlled demolation is not going to indict anyone who is guilty.

It is YOU and those like YOU who continue to work very hard at delaying TRUTH and justice with your controlled demolition facts that go no where.

A great conspiracy is composed of many conspiracies.. all you've got is one little piece that was given to you, controlled demolation (let the dumbed down population dwell on math).. by who?

You seem to think that those who participate in conspiracies don't think about how to cover their tracks by giving "evidense" (controlled demolation) they want you to have. You bought it hook, line and sinker, and so do many people who are new to conspiracy theory.. and we have many here,, very new.. very nieve.

But if it makes you happy, by golly.. wave that sign. I'll honk.

And the SF Earthquake 1906, which became fires, that became the Federal government using black dynamite to blow SF and it's 37 national banks (all holding gold and silver) up.. and disposing of a population of over 3 million people, thousands murdered and millions were moved out of SF.. and Los Angeles was born. "Damnest Finest Ruins" great documantary about it.. least we forget the long slaughter of native Americans.. I can go on and on.. 911 was wrong, but so is 911 truth as it abets, covers up and delays truth and justice, and as usual.. in the name of truth.