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Comment: Penn Jillett is

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Penn Jillett is

Penn Jillett is exemplary.
So much respect for that guy.

EDIT: Just downvoted myself. This was before I heard his rants about "conspiracy theorists" when I had a lot of respect for the guy. Obviously, he's not mature enough to discuss truly controversial subjects and it's difficult not to get the feeling that his real goal is to marginalize people and stifle inquiry because of his absolute reliance on attacking peoples character.

Youtube "Penn Jillett Conspiracy Theory" for ample examples of his true character.

(Paying lip service to respectful dialogue because your corporate sponsorship allows you on national television to give tacit approval to the "alternative" view makes you a whore, shill and a scum-bag, imo.)

Oh, and if you bother looking at those videos you'll find Mr. Libertarian lecturing you on how you should respect the intellectual property of showtime and viacom.

From the bottom of my heart..
Eat sh*t, Jillett.