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"...will be condemned for

"...will be condemned for eternity simply because they couldn't make themselves believe...though perhaps they tried really hard to do so. There is no way to rationalize such injustice as coming from an intelligent, loving and forgiving God."

I would agree with you IF an individual were condemned to Hell ONLY for not believing, but all individuals are condemned to Hell because they are guilty and have broken the law, much like our criminals of today - the only way to escape Hell is to accept the pardon of Christ.

It is unjust to send someone to prison for not agreeing with an opinion.

However it is very just to send someone to prison for breaking the law and being guilty.

Have you ever wondered why we all have in us a 'will to survive' and 'to go on existing?' Could it be an inkling of our destiny to be eternal, or is it just a tickling for reproduction and another meal?

That's the train of thought that really moved me towards GOD. Just something to think about...

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."