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Comment: I had a major fungal

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I had a major fungal

I had a major fungal infection of the prostate (I was 23) when I was deployed to afghanistan. It made a year there even more miserable. I saw a urologist when I came home and he confirmed that none of it was bacterial caused. He put me on an antibiotic and it got worse. I had been on antibiotics for 12 months for anti malaria purposes...anyway, I ended up reading something on the internet where it was suggested that prostatitis can be fungal caused, the urologist laughed at me when I asked him about this. I went to my GP and told him the same thing and he said, "sounds reasonable. Stop taking antibiotics" He gave me 2 weeks of antifungal meds. That cured a year of literal pain in my ass. The antibiotics allowed for a fungal paradise. Fungal infections are very much overlooked...and if suspect an infection and antibiotics don't work don't rule out fungus!