Comment: Wrong on so many levels, indeed ... including basic arithmetic.

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Wrong on so many levels, indeed ... including basic arithmetic.

Wrong on so many levels, indeed ... including basic arithmetic.

FAILURE ... -Bleep-...

TO ... -Bleep bleep- ...

COMPUTE -Bleep bleep bleep.

Quoting the journalist lady (to "absorb" the 15 trillion U.S. debt - expected to be 20 trillion by 2017, btw) "... it would require every american to give $50,000, etc, etc."



To "give away" your money (btw, to pay back a debt outrageously created by the gov't, not the people) ... the very minimum pre-requisite would be to ACTUALLY MAKE money, in the first place, that one could, THEN, be stolen by dear gov't.

Do new born babies make money ? Do little kids or junior high / highschoolers make money ? Do people on disability make sustained income they can give away ? Do dying people in hospitals or at home make money (ibidem) ? Would people living on foodstamps - 47 millions of them - and other various welfare programs be willing to contribute back as well ? Etc, etc.

Time to get back to straight facts, instead of weird figures (i.e., the total number of people living on U.S. soil ... as if all DID have whatever money to even spare).

America would be "lucky" if there were any more than 80 millions of crushed tax payers (or candid retirees as in the video) still eligible to be counted as part of the lucky debt payer slave pool...

Hint (and obsolete data, anyway) :

So, the basic arithmetic, unless I'm overlooking a stash of hidden wealth somewhere, rather tells us :

15 trillion divided by 80 million ... there you have it :

$ 15,000,000,000,000 / 80,000,000 "benefactors" =

$ 187,500 per head, DUE TODAY,

and for 2017 (assuming the number of people dependent on the gov't hasn't even moved) :

$ 20,000,000,000,000 / 80,000,000 "benefactors" =

$ 250,000 per head ... but, hey lucky People, we have a little more time to find that for dear gov't ... four years.

So much time ! Right ?!

Thanks for the touching document, CNN lady ... but...



in regard to your use of your calculator, my dear.

Refreshers on the Greatness of Socialism "at work" :



You're much welcome, CNN.

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