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The point that is rarely

The point that is rarely made, is that even before Great Britain put in gun control, gun ownership in the UK was incredibly low. And yes, because of that, the homicide rate was incredbily low, as was gun-related violence. Facts, by the way.

But the government did not create that situation. That is something culturally unique to the Brits...hell, even their cops do not carry guns. It seems to be a tenet of their culture that guns are bad.

Of course, less guns in the homes means less gun-related accidents. Less demand means less supply even for criminals to use. Of course some criminals still get any case, it is important to note that the UK's lack of gun violence has much more to do with their gun culture than their gun laws.

Compare that to America. We love our guns. No law is going to change that. You can ban guns, and people will just get them. Fewer people, but people will still get them. Moreover, we are very irresponsible as a society. We think that we can own the guns without practicing the responsibility that gun ownership requires. This is what causes the nanny state...people see idiots buying AK-47s and want the government to do something about it....

End rant....

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