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The Constitution of the

United States is not Crazy. What Amendment is next to be crossed out? Are their any left? Just because we as a people inherited something that we do not necessarily have to fight for physically on a daily basis, or defend our homes with force we are given this false since of security.

"Well things are OK now guess we don't need this anymore so scratch out that last right they think they have HAHAHA"

Blatant disregard for the life's shed, sacrificed and to individuals use quality of life diminished protecting Liberty. Complete and utter lack of respect because we "know better" or for that matter some think they "know what is best for us" Last I checked, my parents told me all growing up you can be anything you want. So my parents promoted free thinking, for me to make up my own mind as to what to do with my life, which in turn, would leave the decision up to ME as to what I NEEDED. What was best for myself. I'll make that decision. I do not need the Government to pass this illegal Laws that I and my Grand children will have to pay for. They think they know whats best for you but they do not, they know what is best for themselves....

"Freedom is Popular"