Comment: I used this tactic to get 2 credit card debt collectors

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I used this tactic to get 2 credit card debt collectors

to drop their claims against my wife. Both were unable to supply the requested documents and I filed a motion to dismiss and both were dismissed. It took about 3 months. It took me a few weeks to figure out what I needed to do (which is what the letter above is) and then I had to give the junk debt company 30 days to supply the info (which they couldn't) and then after 30 more days I submitted the motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution. I kept checking online at the clerk of the courts office and eventually both cases were dismissed.

The statute of limitations in my state for credit card debt is 4 years (I think). Which means I have to keep checking online to make sure the junk debt company hasn't opened another case (or sold it to another company) but so far (3 years in) its all good.

I wonder if a letter similar to this would work for a dealing with a traffic citation? As soon as you get a ticket, make a copy of the ticket and send a letter similar to the one above to the local circuit court and see how they respond. I haven't had a traffic infraction in over 13 years so unless I try to get a ticket I may never know. lol