Comment: If "They" Wanted To Fix The Debt Problem

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If "They" Wanted To Fix The Debt Problem

they easily could. How could having 535 of the best (?) and brightest (?) of this nation not know how to fix the problem? After all, they and their predecessors created the problem with their spending habits and monetary policies. We need to remove the phony "honorable" moniker from their title until they show us that they are capable of shouldering this added title. They can always repudiate the debt to the central bank for starters and get rid of printing FRNs without printing sufficient FRNs to pay the interest. FRNs as debt...always was and always will be without the backing of some precious metals guaranteeing its value. We currently have a variety of precious metals that can be used for this purpose. So what's the problem? Oh, they want to continue using these and other problems for their political power and cover. Shameful.