Comment: This is such a lame thread.

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This is such a lame thread.

First, when did the people ratify the Constitution? When did I consent to it? And if you think this is such a free country, why can't I leave it? You say "Get out" but without proper paperwork from government goons, I can't get out of this country, nor can I enter any other country.
IF this were a Republic, IF the Constitution was the actual law of the land, you MIGHT have a point, IF the people were actually free to leave if they did not like it.
Your message will bite you in the butt if it ever happens. It is those of us who see what is wrong, and are willing to take the ridicule that goes with pointing it out, who will help find the way to FIXING what is broken rather than pretending it is not broken. You will find yourself in a land full of people who do not mind constant surveillance, taxation on everything, and desecration of anything Constitutional.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: