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Comment: Where is MY call for an investigation?

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Where is MY call for an investigation?

If I was the congressperson in my area, I would APPEAL for a 911 invesetigation that had nothing to do with the controlled demolation and everything to do with The Clintons, Jon Corzine, Guilliani (who I believe was also clueless) Christine Whitman, Donald DiFrancisco, John Farmer, John Bennett, Richard Codey, Jim McGreevy, Blackwater and other contractors, including those from Isael, AE, Singapour, Taiwan, England, Canada, the owner of Cantor Fitzgerlad, Larry Silverman, Donald Trump, a number of people at the UN, and others, who would be treated to a Military trubunal, detention under the Patriot Act and new laws that apply to terrorists, and they would have to prove themselves innocent, just like anyone who has been arested as a terrorist.

What I am doing is following RP's lead into the GOP where I now have a committee seat, that affords me to become the establishment rather than think that not being the establishment gives you any way to do anything but sign wave.

You have to have a willing establishment for a 911 investigation. I'm open and willing. Unless the establishment changes from the inside, with people who are wanting justice (not vengence). But simply to do to the leaders at that time, what they have done to the people since 911 (Patriot Act..etc).

I do not see truth like water. I see truth like beauty, in the eye of the beholder, and we are all blind.. like the 6 blind men and the elephant.. know that story?

I'm not attempting to stop any investigation.. or your droning on about 911 obcessed with controlled demolation. By all means, like water.. go with your flow. Enjoy your life.

Are you accusing me of being psy-ops? Is this more than twice you have implied that? Because I don't believe controlled demolition is the "smoking gun" but a "controlled facade" to keep truth and justice off the table you attack me? What's up with that? What's the truth? My truth is you're beginning to appear to be one who is being paid to keep people focused on controlled demolition, and that's why you attack me, I'm beyond that.. better keep me in check?

Seems the answer we have as to how to be a Truther is, "Chime in with those who focus on controlled demolition, don't have any of your own ideas.. or be attacked by them". Doesn't matter how many times I have posted "controlled demolition" OBVIOUSLY IT WAS A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.. but that's all you've got and what I'd like to know is why that's all you harp on... your avenge and investigation go no further,, only names Dick Cheney.. it's lame, really lame.