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Hi Josf,

I’ve been thinking a lot about your comments to me regarding my response to tamckissick, and I want to say that you were correct. My response constituted “bad behavior” on my part because I did not fully read what he was proposing and jumped to conclusions about the type of system he was referring to, and as a result unfairly equated him with an unsavory philosophy and the criminal who currently resides in the White House. Pride is often a terrible and destructive trait, especially when it keeps us from admitting our mistakes and in this case, I was guilty of it. I do assure you; however, I did not intentionally create a false association with the purpose of discrediting this person. I did; however, form an opinion and post my response to it without fully understanding what he was actually talking about.

I want to thank you for your brutal honesty, it will help me to think more carefully about how I respond to other people in the future. To the extent that my prideful comments offended you as well, please accept my sincere apology.