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Thank you for your response. I see that it is your turn for you to insist upon clarification from me :-)

"Those who intend to hurt America and Americans are those who should consider leaving."

It is those, in fact, who I speak of. It is non-US citizens that come to our country and seek to change it into what they have escaped.

The clarification is this:

I ran into a couple of people yesterday whose parents came here from another country. They wanted a better life for themselves, and their family. As the conversation continued, they didn't believe that people had a right to 'free speech', if it opposed the goverment, and also believe that our government should take care of them finacially and otherwise. My response was: If you oppose your old country, why come here and try to make my country like yours? He told me that my response was un-American. I then responded back that if he and his family were not happy with our country, then move back to your old homeland where speech is restricted and the government will be happy to take care of you. His response was, now that he and his family are citizens, they have every right to vote and change our country to suit them.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul