Comment: My Own Venture Into This Realm

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My Own Venture Into This Realm

was a question I asked many people from ministers and pastors to professors. And that question was, why, after many thousands of years of millions of people (or even one person) praying to God to save children from the absolute tragedy of their pain-filled lives of torture and starvation in countries that use them to make other people do what that government wanted to be done? My answers were typical; God works in mysterious ways, the prayers offered were less than sincere, enough people didn't pray correctly, people praying didn't pray for the right thing or in the right way, and God is always right in his divine wisdom. How can God be right with letting the children, who have done nothing other than be born into a miserable life, be tortured and starved?

The first 18 years of my long life was immersed in Catholicism and praying for the children, filling my miter box with change to hand into the Nuns or Priests for feeding the children or supporting the many and various missionaries in those distant and unimagined foreign lands, or feeding the Nuns and Priests and St. Paul's soup kitchen with veggies from my Dad's garden, etc, etc. Some of you know what I'm talking about. But to this day, some 50 years hence, the problems still exist. So, why is that? Didn't I do it right or long enough or gave more money and veggies to the "cause" or did I not pray correctly or pray for the right thing?

Final answer for me...religions (all of them) are a fraud used to coerce the unwashed into believing and paying for a system that benefits the elite and not those who I believe need the benefit and support for their very lives. Evidence the mega-churches with their skyscraper spires or gold and jewel encrusted crosses and stained-glass windows and their constant drone for monetary support so that the "message" can reach the many millions more who might also give for the ministry's support.

Believe in God if you will, yes, but believe in and support a religion, for me, no. And who wrote the bible anyway? Man? That easily corruptible human being that had the free will to dream up ways to coerce other humans into doing what those writers wanted.

I'm not trying to change your mind because it is yours to do with what you will. This is my venture into that realm.