Comment: The Man Who Defied Nature

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The Man Who Defied Nature

Jesus walked the earth at a time before guns (BG). He sure found a lot of evil. At that time, he revealed the source of evil and told us how it would be eliminated. Surprisingly, it did not have anything to do with guns.

So then came a man by the name of Piers Morgan with a better solution. If only we would listen to him, he claimed, his solution would eliminate evil. It would be simple. Ban all guns from the citizens, give government employees bigger guns, put everyone in a mental hospital who scares anyone else, eliminate as many freedoms as possible, and expand the reach of government tyranny. By taking away the self defense of the good people and putting evil in charge, all evil would be eliminated.

Funny, when the history of the world was written, the name of the man who defied the laws of nature was not Piers Morgan. Instead, Morgan was described as a false prophet who drew an audience of worshipers - blinded by the father of all evil.

Gene Louis
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