Comment: Sorta.... with a few corrections

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Sorta.... with a few corrections

I think it's more along the lines of

People who are For Gun Control:
-----Inherently trust government to keep order in everything
-----Believe that no man should be trusted left to his own devices

People who are against Gun Control:
-----Believe governments tend to become corrupt, favor special interest, and can't be trusted to do the simplest things without screwing it up. More government means more tyranny
-----Believe that man should be trusted to run his own life, that he is not a child and that no man should be more free than the next.

It's not that liberty minded people think people are basically bad. It's more like some are good and some are bad which is why putting a few men in charge of an entire population is risky. Better to have bad men working as individuals so they can be dealt with on a case by case basis and not have the umbrella of protection of being an elected official in the government with a license to destroy lives and launch wars.