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Comment: Milk as Food

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Milk as Food

Cow milk and buffalo, goat, and sheep milk is not the same. According to Dr. D'Adamo, cows' milk is harder to digest for blood type O's and A's than for most B's. I've found that to be true.

However, some of my ancestors were dairy farmers, and my blood type O father used to drive his uncle's dairy herd through town. He says he always drank milk as a kid, but when he was a teen and they moved to Los Angeles, he had lots of brain fog and other symptoms. It was only decades later he figured out that it was the switch to pastuerized (cooked) milk that caused his problems.

The public schools always gave the kidergarteners milk and graham crackers for snacks (very unhealthful for most people).

When it comes to food safety, each of us must be free to exercise our own judgement, and decide our own risks, and live with out own consequences, and be able to hold those who are irresponsible to account. Involving the government makes that virtually impossible.

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