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And with this comment, you have PROVEN that the majority of people are basically good. The reason is that if reversed, no one would endure such a discussion to falsify their position and follow that up with a confession of being wrong, just to gain the edge in the conversation.

In other words, you did some soul searching and realized that your soul would feel better doing good than getting away with bad. I realize this is sort of stretching what happened, but it certainly is the same principle. (Important note: In saying this, I'm not personally agreeing that you were bad initially. I'm just summarizing your latest comment.)

It is this overall reason that I believe that by removing the 'bad' incentives in the world and the game shifting effects of scarcity... If those were gone, I truly believe that we could easily 'encourage' social corrections significant enough to fix everything.

All is not lost, my friend. And you are one light that clearly shows this to be true. Thnx for that.