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They are from one of those places in South America but I don't recall the specific name.

Granger, I do believe that we are the melting pot, where ideas and hard work create prosperity. That is what this nation is built on.

What I oppose are people wanting to escape their countries and then try to make our country like theirs, once they have 'taken' what they can get. To me that is a handout. It is disrepecting me as a hard working American, and my country for which it is supposed to stand. The people who I ran into are not seeking to better themselves, to work or start a business, to promote Liberty, Freedom. They are simply looking for free handouts, living off of others, and insist that I keep MY un-American mouth shut when the government offers 'aid'.

I know many others who came from other countries and have opened businesses, work hard for others, and respect me and the American dream. Those are who I respect, and enjoy calling my Liberty.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul