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I've been brutally honest (so called) for about 5 decades. My own brother told me that I was honest to a fault.

I have trouble understanding such things, so I am driven to ask questions and offer my viewpoint.

You are one in a million (in my experience) if you can see past the external POWER that modifies our behavior, conditions our responses, and washes our brains.

I would accept your apology if I could understand it, since you were not willfully setting about to injure anyone, then that falls under accidents will happen, or crimes of passion, etc.

If it happens again, and again, and again, then the external POWER goes deeper, or the person apologizing is willfully lying - or something at work that I am not privileged to know.

I can accept the apology as a vote of confidence, so to speak, to go ahead and continue being honest - and I can even work at being less brutal (so named).

Thanks - mucho- it means a lot to me to read your words.

Hope is a bright light.