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If your asset is in a vault, set up by one's IRA trustee, I'm sure it's possible to change trustees and notify the vault, and it must also be possible to inform the vault that the trustee is no longer in charge of your asset--and that they should deal with you, directly.

The latter would trigger the loss of your income tax exempt status on a Roth IRA, but might still be worth doing just to have the asset under one's control. Additionally, if the asset is in a foreign vault, the foreign vault will be better able to use local laws to maintain their reputation for trustworthiness, and refuse any mandates issued in the U.S., but even domestic vaults will likely be governed by state laws, and their clients will be telling them which side of the bread has butter.

Anything the government orders will only work if people voluntarily comply. We do outnumber them.

What do you think?