Comment: The Constitution was ratified by representatives of the States.

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The Constitution was ratified by representatives of the States.

It was approved by the people by proxy.

But the revolution was for naught when Dishonest Abe Lincoln sent 700,000 men to their death in order to destroy the constitutional Republic and replace it with a Federal Union.

The 14th Amendment was likely a settlement agreement with Bankers. By 1872, Lincoln's war and his fiat greenback currency led to the bankruptcy that required such a heinous agreement. The Bankers didn't trust Congress either!

Who in their right mind would give Congress the power to go into debt and make the people, the debtors? I don't consent to that.

The federal government has a long history of sticking it to the people.

Government made an offer to govern. The several States agreed on the terms established in the Constitution, which was amended to include a Bill of Rights.

Government has reneged and is in breach of contract though agents that have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies.

The reward for such behavior is death for Treason. Or it used to be until Congress repealed such laws to protect itself.

How many Congressman would we need to hang to get Congress' attention?

Free includes debt-free!