Comment: I think that religion has been used to manipulate--

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I think that religion has been used to manipulate--

I think that the first place evil people will go to confuse and lead people into darkness is . . .


And they have done it well.

It's imperative that anyone with religious beliefs remain pure in his/her heart at all times, and that is work! Otherwise, *we* will just be used; I do believe that.

But I believe God is in charge. I believe this life is just a tiny moment in an immense and endless eternity--

and those who have been oppressed and have suffered . . .

will be lifted up after it is over.

Those who have done the oppressing will have created their own hell by realizing that the one thing they were meant to do (treat others with kindness) while in this world/life . . . they did not do. That, alone, will be torment enough for those who have chosen to hurt others--

and even the psychopaths will have their minds cleared and their hearts returned to them, so that they can see what they chose to do with their time as 'humans on earth'--

God lets us make mistakes, knowing we will create our own heavens or hells, wherever we are, whoever we are--

and there are some people whose minds and bodies don't work right--

who, when they are made whole--

will be given the chance to do things right--

I believe God is infinitely just and infinitely merciful--

If I hurt others, I will create my own hell. If I am hurt by others, I will have everything I lost restored--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--