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Jumping in


I see an exceptionally rare viewpoint in your words as the concept of a power struggle appears to be communicated in those words.

So I offer:

If anyone cares to do a little math, not much, just a little, then all someone has to do is to add up all Mortgage Interest and all Federal Tax Liabilities in this country since 1913.

Very rough math can do the job of communicating the Power Struggle Concept.


There is room for over 1 full generation since 1913 and so rounding off to only 1 generation of people is rounding down from an extreme amount of POWER flowing from those people in that generation to the so called Federal Government, through Mortgage Interest and Federal Tax Liabilities.

There are about 250 million people in this country now, so a very rough number for the number of people taking out a mortgage is 100 million people, and those are the tax payers represented roughly in this rough estimate.

It can be said that inflation is relative so a home price in 1913 is the same as a home price now, adjusted for relative inflation, and therefore the 100 thousand dollar home can be used as a rough estimate too, to make things simple.

There is a very long list of various Federal Taxes so 25 percent of total productivity or total "income" (so named) can be used and a base average income per person could be divided by that 25 percent for their entire life time. Since a home is a major purchase the doubling of that home COST (mortgage price) could be the entire sum of a persons "income" for one lifetime.

Mortgage Interest amounts to at least 2 entire homes being purchased by each person taking out a mortgage, as the mortgagor buys one actual home and the price of one home is paid to the mortgagee, which is ultimately The Federal Reserve Central Bank where the money is created, and they loan it out for free (something for nothing: so called).

So the numbers to work with (and made more precise if needed) are:

100 million people each with a mortgage of 200 thousand dollars to buy one home each, where 100 thousand dollars pays for each home and 100 thousand dollars is transferred to the Central Banks, or the Federal Government POWER.

If each person can afford to pay 200 thousand for a home then their total income during that lifespan, if doubled, is 400 thousand dollars or roughly twice the major purchase of a home, and 25% of that is another 100 thousand dollars flowing to the Federal Government (criminals) through the Extortion Racket known as the IRS.

This is one generation or the time period between 1913 and today - very roughly.

100,000,000 One Hundred Million
Mortgage interest flowing from productive people to Frauds as Mortgage
100,000 One Hundred Thousand
Income Tax Extortion Payments flowing to the same Cabal
100,000 One Hundred Thousand

One Hundred Million times Two Hundred Thousand is what?

That number, that total, is the same number as an individual person can see as an individual person is a part of the whole, an individual person can know a true individual number when they sign their Federal Income Tax form, they know their individual part of the whole, and their Home Mortgage Contract signed adds to their individual part of the whole, and they can see their hard earned earnings flowing from their control to the control of people that are nowhere in sight, but then collectively adding up each fellow citizen (victim), as each individual in this country does the same thing, at least each "tax payer", if we are speaking about productive people who produce something worth stealing, adds to the total, which is a very large total POWER transfer since 1913.

What is that collective number of total POWER flowing from those who earn it as that POWER flows to those who steal it? As everyone knows, this is no longer hidden, everyone knows somewhere in their conscience, that the people who steal this POWER use the stolen POWER to steal more, as in:

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer."

What is that number that constitutes our providing the means by which we suffer ROUGHLY?

100,000,000 Victims of fraud and extortion for one lifetime
$200,000.00 Federal Reserve Note Legal Purchasing Power Units

I have found the easiest way to arrive at the accurate number is to merely add the zeros and keep the 2 a the start, and note this is exactly what the Federal Reserve Criminals do: add zeros.

13 zeros.



Add the cents at the end and the 2 at the beginning:


The concept that I hear in your words is the same concept I intend to convey with English and Math above, and it to me is a Power Struggle.

If that much POWER was not stolen, since 1913, then each individual victim could have easily wasted that money on gambling, or lap dances, or beer, or heaven forbid that they would have invested that money in ways to keep the criminals from making crime pay so well, instead of what was done with that money, that power, as that power went the way it did go since 1913, which includes the financing of 2 World Wars, and a third World War on the way, and many very destructive Wars in between.


Where did all that POWER go, someone did want to know, and so the subject was studied in great detail.

That POWER buys things, they do not steal the power to then do nothing with the power.

The point I think you are pointing out, is that the POWER exists, and since the POWER does exist, it may be a good idea to use that POWER productively, not destructively.

Here are 4 books aimed at you (if you care to read them):

Two more links to show how more than just a few people have figured out how to get past the criminals running the criminal governments:

Competition can be illustrated as Chaos or Choices or Ectropy or Liberty or Anarchy or those examples of competition above and Monopoly can be illustrated with the math problem above (13 zeros) or Entropy or Legal Crime or slavery or even miserable death when Monopoly narrows down to only ONE thought and ONE action shared by all.