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Here's a quick overview

There are several people who are joined in a lawsuit against the Electoral College, to stop Joe Biden (President of the Senate) from certifying the Electoral College vote.

In many of the previous lawsuits, the judges claimed that the parties did not have legal standing to sue, which is to say they were not injured even if Barry was not eligiable. That is LAUGHABLE on its face, but that is the story many judges used to dismiss cases without hearing any evidence.

THIS case is different. This case involves people who were running for office and may have been elected if not for Obama's fraud in claiming he is eligible. One of the plaintiffs was a Democrat who got 41% of the vote, but lost to Obama. He would have won if not for Barry's fraud.

The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case.

Here is the case:

Now, the story about Alvin Onaka may or may not be true. So far, it seems to only be reported on one blog, with others referencing that blog. No evidence is presented, such as a copy of a signed document. Also, the term "non-valid" does not sound like a term that would be used. So, I'm suspicious of the article.

However, Onaka is the guy who would be called to testify or sign a sworn statement under penalty of perjury, because he is head of Hawaii's Department of Health. And Onaka HAS been served to testify in this hearing.

The article claims Onaka made his declaration to the Arizona Secretary of State, which is something else that doesn't necessarily make sense ... UNLESS AZ is still persuing their angle, too. I haven't read anything about that, but it was in the works a few months ago.

So, it's a clusterf**k of information. We'll have to see how things go.

But, there IS a scheduled hearing on 1/3/2013 for this case, and Onaka HAS been served to (a) appear in court, (b) testify, (c) produce a certified copy of Barry's long form Birth Certificate, and (d) the original microfilm.

Sooo ... *IF* Alvin knows he CANNOT produce such things ... AND he knows that he CANNOT count on corrupt judges to do the dirty work ... THEN ... it would make sense he would do this BEFORE the hearing.

So, it might be true.

The next few days could get REAL interesting.