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Comment: Yahweh the two faced God ...

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Yahweh the two faced God ...

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as well and have come to the conclusion that the 'Yahweh' construct as described in the Old Testament that forms the basis of the three major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) is NOT the divine creator of the universe, nor consistent with his son, Jesus Christ's, message (e.g. the Golden Rule, love one another without judgment, etc.) to the world.

Is it possible that Yahweh was a construct created by evil MEN in ancient times to be used to pit the followers of these religions against one another to promote wars that suit the bloodlines of the ruling elite oligarchies?

Moreover, the only allowed alternative is another religion known as “Atheism” (nurtured by the same elite) which doesn’t separate religion from GOD and therefore rejects BOTH!

Don’t you think it is a bit odd that all these religions were twisted in such a way to exclude a personal relationship with the divine creator?

As argued in a recent book called Yahweh the two faced God of the Bible, the Yahweh character is a moral schizophrenic, like an abusive parent who both emotionally and physically abuses their child. None of us with any innate sense of moral principle would behave this way in the world. Regardless of how this behavior is rationalized it is endemic to these religions and fundamentally represents a moral contradiction to the sane individual. Thus, if you accept this psychological programming as requirement to achieve salvation, then that unconscious programming will eventually manifest itself in behavior that is morally contradictory.

I believe it is for these reasons that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Jefferson Bible, which distills and purifies the moral and ethical message of Jesus Christ, which he believed represented the core principles of Christianity.

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