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Frank Luntz

is the real jerk. That a-hole got put in his place at his little debate when he asked the crowd if anyone from the occupy movement was there. He allowed a guy to come up and address the audience in exchange for a promise of no disruptions. What the older christian gentleman, not what Luntz expected, would say next on the microphone was priceless and further shocked Luntz, to the point where he could barely speak after the man made his statement. Franks hand shook with nerves as he held the microphone and his voice trembled and broke like a 12 year old boys. Youtube that gem of an accident that happened on live TV. Needless to say Luntz never allowed the debate to take the direction the activist had asked for.

Awesome I found a link after much searching

pay attention around 2:20 , watch Luntz body language and listen to him unable to speak before multiple throat clears